Public Transportation

Public Transportation

Being a major tourist destination and cultural hub,Krakow has an efficient and well-developed public transportation system. Krakow's public transportation is reliable and easy to navigate, making it simple for both residents and visitors to explore the city's many attractions.

The primary modes of public transportation in the city are trams, buses, and taxis.

Trams and Busses 

  • Trams are the most popular and convenient means of public transportation in Krakow. The city has an extensive tram network that covers the majority of the city center and surrounding areas. Tram services generally operate from 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM, with some night trams available on select routes.

  • Buses complement the tram system and are especially useful for reaching areas not covered by the tram network. Krakow has a dense network of bus lines, including regular daytime buses, express buses, and night buses. 

Both are frequent on weekdays but less frequent on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, but only buses operate at night. Rush hours are typically between 7–8am and 2–5pm. Many bus routes extend to the suburbs. A number of private firms operate minibus services within the inner and outer city and stop on request.
Trams and buses often share stops. Each bus/tram has its own schedule which is posted at each stop. Many stops have information displays. Wheelchair-accessible buses are marked with letter N ( Niskopodlogowy) in the schedule.

Lots of helpful information on the public transit can be found at   The site displays routes and stops on a map and provides schedules. Service is also available as a Smartphone app.

Fare cost and payment

  • One type of ticket is used for both trams and buses. Tickets  are based on a zone system and can be time-based (20-minute, 40-minute, 60-minute, 90-minute) or unlimited daily, weekly, or monthly passes.
  • Tickets must be validated upon boarding the tram or bus using the ticket validators.
  • Remember that you'll need a separate ticket if you're traveling to or from the airport.

The price for the standard 20 minutes ticket is 4zl. The colplete list of tickets and prices can be viewwed on the official website

Bus/tram drivers don’t sell tickets. 

Tickets can be purchased from ticket machines at tram/bus stops, onboard ticket machines, or selected newsstands and kiosks. Tickets can be purchased for cash in special kiosks located all over the city. One type of ticket is used for trams and buses. Several types are available: timed, daily, weekly and family tickets. A ticket must be validated after boarding by punching it in a ticket-punching machine. Timed tickets are valid for one hour from the moment of punching and you can change routes as often as necessary within this hour. Daily tickets are valid from the time of punching till midnight. Weekly tickets require the holder to have an ID and are valid for all tram and bus routes, either ordinary or express. A family ticket, not transferable, covers two adults and two children and is valid over the weekend. Children under 4 and senior citizens over 75 can travel free of charge.

Discounted fare. Children between the ages of 4 and 14 years, students, senior citizens and the disabled are entitled to reduced-fare travel but must carry appropriate identification documents. Foreign visitors to Krakow are not entitled to travel on reduced-fare tickets.

Taxis and Car Serviced Apps

Taxis are widely available in Krakow and can be a convenient option for short trips or late-night transportation. Official taxis are marked with the word "TAXI" on the roof and have a visible taxi meter inside. It is recommended to use a reputable taxi company or book a taxi through an app like Uber or Bolt. All taxis should have a 'Taxi' sign on the roof and a sticker on the rear passenger window with prices. Price list should be displayed on the passenger side door.

Both Uber and Bolt Mobile App  services are also available